Thursday, 6 October 2011

Benefit Total Moisture Face cream

Good Morning gorgeous girls (or boys)

I have purchased a new moisteriser, Its the total moisture face cream by benefit and i have to say I LOVE ITTTTTTTT!!!! It is for normal to dry skin.

My skin can be quite dry and i do need a good moisteriser, I have been using this for a week now and my skin feels fab, it is a nice thick cream and really hydrates your face. I have been using it for the daytime only, After cleansing and toning your skin feels so moisterised and heavenly.

It costs £26.50 in the uk, which may seem alot but you do only need a little amount so it will last you.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How to do a bun hairstyle using a donut

Hi Gorgeous girls, 

Have a look at my video on how to do a hair up style in a bun using a donut 

You will need a Donut and some kirby / bobby pins and a hair band. 

I hope you like it and i hope you are having a great day 

Lots of Love 

Hayley xxxxx

Monday, 26 September 2011

How to put a quiff in your hair

Good Afternoon Beauties,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend - Tell me what you did nice?

I had my sisters baby shower on Saturday, it was amazing, She is so beautiful :) I cant wait till i can see the babies face and a new member of our family, especially after we lost our family pet a few weeks ago :( Such a sad time and such a hard thing to deal with - his name was Tobi and he was 13 - It is the hardest thing i have been through.

RIP Tobi :)

I will post some pics of him so you can see his gorgeous face too.

Anyway - I wanted to highlight my youtube video on how to put a quiff in your hair - Click on the link

I hope you enjoy and cant wait to see you all tomorrow :)

Lots of Love

Hayley P

Friday, 23 September 2011

Perfect Eyebrows

Hi Beauties,

I hope you are all fab today :) Friday is here and the weekend is nearly among us all :) yayyyy

So are you fed up of those dreaded eyebrows and want to keep them nice a tidy and even for them to shape your face (Yes this can happen :) )

I wanted to tell you how i keep my eyebrows tidy and in shape. The first thing i am going to recommend you do is go and get your eye brows threaded, Alot of people have them waxed but i am not a big fan - I don't think that you can get the shape as accurate as threading and... well i just prefer threading :)

It can be slightly painful but i promise it is worth it :)

Now for the colour i use on my brows - I use the body shop duo eye brow kit, The colours are great - I have really light eyebrows so only like a little colouring. You can really build up the colour with these as they are a matte powdery consistency so apply as little or  more as you like. The brush that comes with it is fab too - Small and harder bristles make it very accurate.

Keeping up appearances - Between threading you may find a few stray hairs so i have been through my fair share of tweezers and just haven't found any good ones - Until now :) The body shop tweezers are fab with a slanted edge and precision they really do them them suckers out :)

I hope you found this useful and i hope you have a fab u lous weekend

Stay beautiful and let anyone tell you otherwise :0

Lots of Love

Hayley xxxxxxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

MAC Lipstick Hue

Good Morning Beauties,

I hope you are all happy and filled with make up love today :) I wanted to do a review on my favourite lipstick from MAC. It retails at around £14.00 in the UK, And in my opinion is worth the money.

I have larger lips and i dont feel that great when i am wearing a darker lipstick as i feel my whole face is just lips (just my opinion on myself - I do envy people who have big lips and can wear bold colours).

The texture of this lipstick is creamy and soft and you would probably need a couple of coats to get the depth and coverage. It just goes perfectly when you have heavier eye make up on and also just for a more natural look.

I do find it hard buying lipsticks as the colour just looks so different when you are wearing it, that's why reviews are so useful i suppose :)

I think the only con of this product is that it doesn't last as long as some of the other lipsticks from MAC as it is a glaze and the pigment doesn't stick to your lips - It a little like lip gloss in that respect but without the stickiness.

All in all i would give this lipstick a 5/5 - Purely because i just love the colour and when its on it makes your lips look very 'peachy' (not in colour - just in texture :0 )

I hope you find this review useful and let me know if you want me to review any other products.

Lots of Love

Hayley P xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sigma BARE palette yayyyyy

Hi Beauties,

I wanted to talk about the new Bare palette from Sigma, Absolutly love this palette.

The colours are neutral and can create a very natural look for the day and you can make it a little more bold for the evenings. Lovely and soft on the skin and really accentuates your features. You can even create some really effective smokey eyes with these colours. What i really like is that most of the colours are quite matte as i dont love really shimmery eyeshadows as they just turn into glitter.

You also get the brush which are 2 of their top selling brushes E30 and E25.

You can get this palette for around £30.00 to buy and worth every penny. You can buy it from the Sigma website and you even get a free gift with it too - Link -

Get buying girlys as this really is a must have for every make up bag :)

Lots of Love

Hayley P

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Winged eye make up made easy

Hey Beauties

2 in one day hey :) Check me out he he :)

I have been asked to do a tutorial on how to get the winged eye effect using MAC products- Perfect every time!!!

I have listed below which products I use and also the finished effect:

MAC Paintpot

 MAC Carbon eyeshadow

 MAC Defined eyeliner brush

The finished effect

Step 1 - Use the paintpot and the fine eyeliner brush - Apply the liner across your upper lash line and start from the middle working your way outwards to the outer corner of your eye , You can apply the line as thick or thin as you desire - The thicker you apply it will make it easier to avoid errors.

Step 2 - Now you have the entire top of your lashes lined you want to start creating the wing, so with your brush (the longer ends of the bristles touching the outer corner of your eye facing diagonally upwards at an angle) apply more paintpot to create a backwards tick flick, then meet the top of the flick to the rest of the liner on your lids and fill it out - You should now have a sharp looking flick.

Step 3 - Meet the flick with your bottom lashes and this will really create a dramatic effect and smooths the lines in to enhance the shape of your eye.

(Now wipe your brush with a tissue (do not smudge on tissue as you will lose the shape of your brush)

Step 4 - Do exactly the same process but now using your MAC carbon eyeshadow - Follow over all of the lines and you now will have lines that will just stay put all day long.

This look will give you no need for liquid eyeliner but will give you that deep black depth that you just cant achieve with most eyeliners alone. 

Let me know if you need any help or assistance - I do have a video tutorial on Youtube for this so if you are having trouble then check out the link below :

Lots of love

Hayley P xxxxx

Primark Bargain

Hi Beauties,

Got a couple for blogs for you today :) Woooo

I have to show you my new fav ring from Primark - Such a statement ring - Let me know what you think :) Guess how much it costs ......... £2.50 :) :) There is alot of happy hands out there

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Lots of Love

Hayley P

Monday, 19 September 2011

Peaches and Cream Liverpool

Hey Beauties,

I have had a lovely weekend away in Liverpool this weekend and i have come across an amazing business called Peaches and Cream. 2 women have set up this gorgeous boutique of all this beauty. They do hair and makeup for special occasions or just when you fancy a pamper, They have fantastic wedding and party packages and you really get the best treatment.

They also do eyelashes and eyebrows and really cater for that perfect look. I will post a link to their website for you where you can see a gallery of their work and you will also find a price list.

I had the pleasure of seeing some of the finished looks of some girls who had just come out and my only word is WOW!!! They looked amazing and ready for a night of partying and looking Glam.

You should look them up and pay a visit - I know i am the next time i venture to Liverpool.

Lots of Love

Hayley P xxxxx

Friday, 16 September 2011

Product of the week - Loreal & Fake Bake

Hello Beauties,

I wanted to share my 2 favourite products this week:

Fake Bake Luxury Soft Sheer Bronzer:

I think i have fallen in love again after my first love of NARS Casino Bronzer. I absolutely love this bronzer from Fake Bake because it really is soft and sheer and the colour is AMAZING!!! I had a holiday in the summer and it goes so well with a tan. And it also really smoothes onto your skin when you have foundation on. Doesnt go blotchy and doesnt rub off. Truly amazing.

My second product this week is Loreal Double Extension Waterproof mascara :
 Again, Fallen in love, I love the double ended mascaras and this one is my Fav, it just goes on perfectly and it does last you a long time. It stays on and looks great all day long. I get so many compliments on my mascara all the time because people just think i have long lashes.... (I have a secret - I dont) :)

Lots of love and cuddles to you

Hayley P


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lets get Walking

Morning fellow Losers

So we need to step up up a gear and get moving.  How would you like to get in a workout before you have work and it only lasting half an hour???

Well..... set your alarms half an hour earlier and get up and do a 'brisk' walk every morning, its coming up the summer now and we can all get some colour in our cheeks and get the metabolism started for the day - Ice cold glass of water and a brisk walk will do just that.

I am the worlds worst for getting up in the morning but i PROMISE it will make you feel fab and you will burning off calories when you would normally be stationary in bed - for some :)

So lets get walking - let me know how it made you feel. You should probably expect to burn around 160 calories doing this - thats a packet of salt and vinegar crisps, 3 bananas, a pack of mini chedders, an activia yoghurt or a white pitta

Get those hearts racing :)


Monday, 23 May 2011

Low Calorie Snacks

So .... lets look at snacks that are low in calories to keep us going throughout the day :) 

Celery Sticks
Green Peppers

BORING........ Yes

Cadbury Highlights mousse
Orange and Kiwi
Special K Cereal Bar
Ryvita Minis
Brown Toast with Jam and NO butter
Fab ice lolly 

More to come soon ..... 

Lots of Love 


Want to lose weight with me ???

Good Monday to you all :)

I hope you are all feeling bouncy and happy today (even though the weather has taken a turn for the worse)

So..... you want to lose some weight with me then? ? 

Plan : I am going to be completely honest with you on this journey and i am not ashamed to tell you my weight or size (so PLEASE do share with me your goals and successes) We can, as a team work together and achieve our goals.

So.... to help me track my weight loss i am going to be using an app on my iPhone (don't panic if you don't have an iPhone you can access it online) This is the link for it - Its a fantastic tool for you to track your daily food diary and also to track your weight and measurements.

There is a huge database of foods already on there but you can manually add anything you need too. When you sign up you enter all your information and also your target goals and it works out how many calories per day you should be eating for you to achieve your goal in a healthy and manageable way. You can also track your exercise on there to earn extra calories :) yayyyy

You can also join the online community and add people as 'friends' and you can add updates on there to keep each other motivated - My user name is 'Haypresto' so feel free to keep me motivated :) 

So - Here are the hard facts about me ..... 

Height - 5'2 
Current Weight - 146lbs 
Goal Weight - 126lbs 

So that's a 20lb weight loss target - I am not in a massive rush to lose it as i want to keep it off so here we go ...... Each day i will post an update on food ideas and also ways to keep fit without always having to go to the gym. :) 

Get your friends and family to follow and we will do this all together - And please don't forget to tell me about your progress and any tips for us all :) 

Please note: I am not an expert, I don't claim to know about nutrition - Please seek advice from a doctor if you haven't exercised in a while and also if you are concerned about dieting. 

Lots of love and hugs 

Hayley P  

Monday, 16 May 2011

Tell me what you want.....

Hi Gorgeous people.

This is a massive shout out to all of you who subscribe to me on Youtube, Twitter, My Blog, and Facebook.

I need to know what you all want to see, hear about, learn or talk about....

Please can you send me your thought and ideas, I am open to all ideas - If you want to talk about product reviews, hair styles, make up tips, Love, sadness, happiness, weight issues, family drama...... . Comment back on here or send me a private message.

I really want to help anyone who may need any advice so please feel free to contact me and let me know what YOU want to read or hear about,

Lots of Love and Hugs

Hayley P xxxx

MAC Face and Body

Good Monday :)

I wanted to speak to you all about MAC Face and Body Foundation.

This product I Love!! The shade that i use is C6 - This shade is quite dark brown but i will tell you how i use it.....

I apply my normal foundation (Clinique Even Better - No6 Honey) to give me my full coverage and when i am extra fake tanned up i use MAC face and body - I apply all over my face and neck for even coverage and you can even use anywhere on your body to match the colour. 

I have used th C6 on my legs too when i need a bit of colour!! Its an all round perfecto product. 

I have to let you know that i wouldnt necessarily use it on my face as a foundation though as it just doesnt give enough coverage - Its quite watery in texture, Perfect colour though (just know what you are going to use it for and make sure you get the colour to match your skin tone) MAC assistants as you probably already know are very helpful so you shouldnt have any issues finding some help.

If you have any questions or comments then just let me know.

Also- Please follow me on here and check out my Youtube Vidoes. I am on Twitter - @Hayleyp01 and facebook - Hayley P

Lots of love

Hayley P xxxx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo BRIT AND BLONDE :)

Good Afternoon and a wonderful Monday to you all

I have 2 new and FAB products to review for you and there will be a video to follow for these.

The first product from the wonderful Batiste is their limited edition BRIT. The most important part is where to buy so here is a link on where to buy this product

I usually use the original, and i dont love some of the fragrances of some of the others but i have to say the smell of the BRIT version is just amazing. Everyone who knows my videos and reads my blogs will know that this dry shampoo is my number 1 staple product and i literally always make sure i have some. So to try the new ones just makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :)

Be true to your british heritage and give this go - i promise you will love it.

So now for the other new love of my life - the blonde version. They released the brunette one a while ago and i understand why because if you use the normal ones it can make your brown hair look grey and powdery. For me i use this to make my hair thicker, fuller, more manageable and most importantly to disguise those dreaded roots - and do you know what - IT WORKS :)

This blonde edition is just fab - If used correctly it really helps to lift the hair colour and if you are just looking for a bit of a fill inm whilst we save up for the real thing - it is great for coverage.

So get buying girls because i am sure you will agree that yuo just simply arnt complete without this in your cosmetics bag.

And if i havnt sold this to you already my list of reasons for this must have are:

- Thicker and fuller hair
- More manageable and texturised hair
- Stops greasy holiday hair
- Can leave hair without washing it that little bit longer
- Disguises those roots
- Makes hair appear blonder
- When styling the hair up or curly it helps to hold the style

Have you ordered it yet ? ?

Lots of love Hayley P


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Clinique 'Even Better' Foundation

Good Morning and happy Friday to you all

Here in Solihull in England the Sun is shining - Make sure your all protecting your skin with a good sun screen :)

I wanted to write about a foundation i have been using for many years now and i just cant seem to move away from it. I have heard mixed reviews on this product but in my opinion is is NO1 :)

Why? Because i have quite dry skin - depending on the weather and how much central heating i expose my skin too. However the texture and consistancy of this is just perfect for my skin. It leaves your skin looking dewy and you can really play about with it in terms of how much or little you apply.

I have tried a few different colours but i tend to go with No6 Honey. I find that it matches my skin tone - albeit maybe a bit darker but because i wear fake tan i find with a bit of bronzer i can match it up. And even when i dont have any tan on it just gives a bit of colour to my skin.

The only bit of advice i would give when using this is when you are going to apply any powders in terms of blusher or bronxer i would use a transluscent finishing powder in those areas just to stop it going blotchy. Then your make up will be on all day long.

If you go to any Clinique counter they are really helpful and will make sure you get the right colour BUT make sure you tell them if you wear fake tans etc just so that you dont get one that is too pale. ERROR :)

I hope you found this useful my lovelies

Hayley P xxxxx

Friday, 15 April 2011


Good Afternoon to you all :)

So - Batiste - Who uses it? Do you have any pictures where you have seen such a big difference. These are the benfits of Bastiste:

- Dont have to wash your hair as frequently
- Great to 'spritz' and freshen up your hair throughout the day
- For all you blondys out there it brightens up your hair colour
- It adds so much texture to your hair
- Makes your hair easier to style
- Smells great
- Easy to wash out

Is this enough reasons for you - The product comes in all different scents and also they have released one for Brunettes as the normal one tends to make dark hair slightly grey and powdery.

How have you found this product ? Was this Review Useful ?

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Lots of love xxxxx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

All About Elle

Hey lovelies 

I just want to make a special mention to a wonderful fellow blogger Elle :) 

She has followed my videos for a long time and because i have had so much stuff going on with relationships and heart break i havnt been doing much of late and she always sends me messages and reminds me of what is important - And thats what i love doing on here :) 

I am sorry for neglecting :( 

So check out miss Elle and follow her because it does not want to be missed :) Especially next week :) 


Smokey Eyes

Hello gorgeous people 

Here is a make up look for you for those well loved smokey eyes. (I am sorry for the photo - I look like a right weirdo on it) 

The products i used for this look are : 

- MAC Black Paintpot 

- MAC Carbon eyeshadow 

- MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow 

- Kohl black eyeliner

- Eyebrow Shadow 
- Black Mascara 

To achieve this look you should firstly apply a primer to your eyelids : Then apply the Paintpot with a flat small brush to the lid of the eye and just above the crease of your eyelid, then underneath your eye but only a small amount from the inside to the outside. 

Next - Apply the carbon eyeshadow over the paintpot you have just applied, HOW DARK HAS IT GONE OOOHHHH YESSSSSS!!! :) you should bear in mind that you dont have to be overly neat with this at this stage as we will be blending later on :) 

Now, take a nice blending brush and just start smudging the outer-edge of the black above your crease and just slowly in small circular motions start to blend the black so it is not a harsh line. 

Take a fluffy brush and use your blanc type and apply under the brow and meet with the smokey effect you will have created. just take some time blending the colours together. 

Now apply some carbon eyeshadow with a fluffy brush and smoke out the bottom lid - be brave :) from the inside to the outer-edge - Use your Kohl liner on your waterline and apply some mascara and your DONE :) 

If you have any fallout on your cheeks try a fanned brush to gently remove the particles of colour. 

I hope this was useful my lovely make-upistas 

xxxxxxxx Hayley P xxxxxx

Friday, 4 March 2011

Tannage week day 3 ** St Tropez everyday mousse**

Hello Tanning Goddesses,

My 3rd review is going to be on St Tropez Everyday Mousse

This is a lovely product - I have only used it on my face and arms and chest area. It is a gradual tanning mousse but develops quite quickly. I have really sensitive skin on my face and have to be careful what products i put on but this is really gentle and never makes my exzema flair up. Thumbs up ey :)

Its difficult to apply the tanner on your face because if you put make up on everyday it doesnt develop as well as it would if you were to just have this on. On your body though you can really see the true development. Its a more expensive product which retails at around £20.00 in the UK depending on where you get it from. Shop around the net as you will always find a bargain

I would mark this product 4 / 5 for a developing tanning product. Its perfect in every way - however the price can be an offsetter. :-(

I would recommend this if you have sensitive skin and also if you want to treat your face and body to a bit of pampering and expense.

I hope you found this useful gorgeous people

Have a wonderful day and keep up the tannage


Hayley p

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tannage Week Day 2

Hi my lovely tannaholics

Today my review is going to be on Johnsons Holiday Skin

Now this product is amazing if you are not looking for instant results. It is a gradual tan that when applied every day develops and just keeps building up a very natural looking colour. There are different shades in this one as well. And one AMAZING thing about this product is the smell. 

Now we all know that fake tan makes us smell of biscuits - well this product used to years ago but they re-released it about 2 years ago and the smell is sooooo good. Well i love it anyway. Cant stop smelling my own skin when i apply it. 

I have also used it to try and keep a tan that i got from going on holiday - however, when your natural tan starts to wear off it seemed that this product kind of went off with it. Just went kind of patchy and weird which was annoying because i just had to exfoliate to remove the whole lot and then start rimmeling :) 

If i am to mark this product out of 5 i would give it 3.5 - ace if you are patient and just want to build up a tan. 

Go try it girlys 

Lots of love and cuddles 

Hayley P 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ebay Sellathon

Hey Everyone 

Look at me - 2 blogs in one night :) 

I am selling some stuff on ebay so thought i would give you all refusal before they get sold on there:

DKNY Handbag and Purse Set - Brand New- just an un-used present due to sheer volume of handbags i own already  : 

Looking for £80 for the set and that will include postage to anywhere in UK 

Message me for details 

And the other item i am selling is my fancy dress outfit i have worn once - Its a toy soldier outfit and was a real hit at the party. I was worried about it being too 'OTT' but it was prefect - Size fits all apparently - i am a 10-12 and it fitted me perfectly 

It comes with the dress and overcoat and the hat. 
I am looking for £25 including postage to anywhere in UK 

Message me for further details 

Lots of love my lovely shoppers 


Tan Week

Hey my lovelies 

This week is Tannage week :) 

I am going to be blogging about different tans that i use and what i think works and some useful hints and tips for you all. Comments and opinions are all welcome. 

So the first tanning product i am going to talk about is Rimmel instant tan 

Now this product has to be my ultimate fave - for a number of reasons: 
1: It is instant - it is such a nice brown colour and no matter what your skin tone it seems to colour hold really well. The colour when you see it coming out the tube is almost black - dont let this put you off because when you apply it to your skin you can build it up as required. I normally put a couple of thin layers on for my nights out so that it shows up more. There are 2 shades and i normally use the medium which is the darkest shade that they do. 
Hint: For best application results use a mitt, and if you dont have one and up with black/brown/ red hands try using toothpaste to get it off your hands :) It works i promise 

2: It washes off so easily. Get in the shower and seriously it just comes straight off - Use a bit of soap and you will have your lovely clean skin back to normal straight away. 
Hint: Careful when you have it on as with this luxury it has its annoyances which is that if anything water based touches your skin it will leave a water mark on your skin - take some dark bronzer out with you and cover up or even still a light moisturizer and just massage the patch that you need too. 

3: Its Cheap - In the UK it retails at about £5.00 and you get so many wears out of a tube. If you use the mitt you will only use what you need too and the mitts only cost around £2 and they last you so long - Just wash them in water after you have used it and leave to dry and its ready to be used again the next day. 
Hint: Make sure you wash the mitt after you have used it so that it stops any bacteria and also when there is a build of tan on the mitt you will find your tan goes dry and blotchy as soon as you put it on. 

SO if i havnt made you love this already then try it out for yourself, it really is a staple product that i ALWAYS have in my make up bag. 

See you tomorrow for my next tanning shenanigans :) 

Love you allllll 


Hayley P