Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Winged eye make up made easy

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2 in one day hey :) Check me out he he :)

I have been asked to do a tutorial on how to get the winged eye effect using MAC products- Perfect every time!!!

I have listed below which products I use and also the finished effect:

MAC Paintpot

 MAC Carbon eyeshadow

 MAC Defined eyeliner brush

The finished effect

Step 1 - Use the paintpot and the fine eyeliner brush - Apply the liner across your upper lash line and start from the middle working your way outwards to the outer corner of your eye , You can apply the line as thick or thin as you desire - The thicker you apply it will make it easier to avoid errors.

Step 2 - Now you have the entire top of your lashes lined you want to start creating the wing, so with your brush (the longer ends of the bristles touching the outer corner of your eye facing diagonally upwards at an angle) apply more paintpot to create a backwards tick flick, then meet the top of the flick to the rest of the liner on your lids and fill it out - You should now have a sharp looking flick.

Step 3 - Meet the flick with your bottom lashes and this will really create a dramatic effect and smooths the lines in to enhance the shape of your eye.

(Now wipe your brush with a tissue (do not smudge on tissue as you will lose the shape of your brush)

Step 4 - Do exactly the same process but now using your MAC carbon eyeshadow - Follow over all of the lines and you now will have lines that will just stay put all day long.

This look will give you no need for liquid eyeliner but will give you that deep black depth that you just cant achieve with most eyeliners alone. 

Let me know if you need any help or assistance - I do have a video tutorial on Youtube for this so if you are having trouble then check out the link below :

Lots of love

Hayley P xxxxx

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