Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How to do a bun hairstyle using a donut

Hi Gorgeous girls, 

Have a look at my video on how to do a hair up style in a bun using a donut 

You will need a Donut and some kirby / bobby pins and a hair band. 

I hope you like it and i hope you are having a great day 

Lots of Love 

Hayley xxxxx


  1. Love the tutorial it's helped me know how to do one of those buns now, I was so confused as to how to do them before lol. You should do a tutorial on how to do a side low bun with the doghnut that would be great! your really pretty too xx

  2. loved watching the tutorial! x

  3. Hi!
    This is so helpful! I bought a donut a while ago and didn't use it cause I didn'y know how!
    I'm defo giving this a ogo tomorrow!

  4. I dip-dyed my hair, basically the ends are bluey/turquoise.
    Sounds like a disaster but I really like it.
    For an effective bun using a doughnut should i tuck the tips with colour under the doughnut?

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    un saludo

  6. great video :)
    you blog is amazing!


  7. OMG I absolutely have to try this. You are adorable and i'm off to watch more of your videos.

    Antoinette x