Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lets get Walking

Morning fellow Losers

So we need to step up up a gear and get moving.  How would you like to get in a workout before you have work and it only lasting half an hour???

Well..... set your alarms half an hour earlier and get up and do a 'brisk' walk every morning, its coming up the summer now and we can all get some colour in our cheeks and get the metabolism started for the day - Ice cold glass of water and a brisk walk will do just that.

I am the worlds worst for getting up in the morning but i PROMISE it will make you feel fab and you will burning off calories when you would normally be stationary in bed - for some :)

So lets get walking - let me know how it made you feel. You should probably expect to burn around 160 calories doing this - thats a packet of salt and vinegar crisps, 3 bananas, a pack of mini chedders, an activia yoghurt or a white pitta

Get those hearts racing :)


Monday, 23 May 2011

Low Calorie Snacks

So .... lets look at snacks that are low in calories to keep us going throughout the day :) 

Celery Sticks
Green Peppers

BORING........ Yes

Cadbury Highlights mousse
Orange and Kiwi
Special K Cereal Bar
Ryvita Minis
Brown Toast with Jam and NO butter
Fab ice lolly 

More to come soon ..... 

Lots of Love 


Want to lose weight with me ???

Good Monday to you all :)

I hope you are all feeling bouncy and happy today (even though the weather has taken a turn for the worse)

So..... you want to lose some weight with me then? ? 

Plan : I am going to be completely honest with you on this journey and i am not ashamed to tell you my weight or size (so PLEASE do share with me your goals and successes) We can, as a team work together and achieve our goals.

So.... to help me track my weight loss i am going to be using an app on my iPhone (don't panic if you don't have an iPhone you can access it online) This is the link for it http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ - Its a fantastic tool for you to track your daily food diary and also to track your weight and measurements.

There is a huge database of foods already on there but you can manually add anything you need too. When you sign up you enter all your information and also your target goals and it works out how many calories per day you should be eating for you to achieve your goal in a healthy and manageable way. You can also track your exercise on there to earn extra calories :) yayyyy

You can also join the online community and add people as 'friends' and you can add updates on there to keep each other motivated - My user name is 'Haypresto' so feel free to keep me motivated :) 

So - Here are the hard facts about me ..... 

Height - 5'2 
Current Weight - 146lbs 
Goal Weight - 126lbs 

So that's a 20lb weight loss target - I am not in a massive rush to lose it as i want to keep it off so here we go ...... Each day i will post an update on food ideas and also ways to keep fit without always having to go to the gym. :) 

Get your friends and family to follow and we will do this all together - And please don't forget to tell me about your progress and any tips for us all :) 

Please note: I am not an expert, I don't claim to know about nutrition - Please seek advice from a doctor if you haven't exercised in a while and also if you are concerned about dieting. 

Lots of love and hugs 

Hayley P  

Monday, 16 May 2011

Tell me what you want.....

Hi Gorgeous people.

This is a massive shout out to all of you who subscribe to me on Youtube, Twitter, My Blog, and Facebook.

I need to know what you all want to see, hear about, learn or talk about....

Please can you send me your thought and ideas, I am open to all ideas - If you want to talk about product reviews, hair styles, make up tips, Love, sadness, happiness, weight issues, family drama...... . Comment back on here or send me a private message.

I really want to help anyone who may need any advice so please feel free to contact me and let me know what YOU want to read or hear about,

Lots of Love and Hugs

Hayley P xxxx

MAC Face and Body

Good Monday :)

I wanted to speak to you all about MAC Face and Body Foundation.

This product I Love!! The shade that i use is C6 - This shade is quite dark brown but i will tell you how i use it.....

I apply my normal foundation (Clinique Even Better - No6 Honey) to give me my full coverage and when i am extra fake tanned up i use MAC face and body - I apply all over my face and neck for even coverage and you can even use anywhere on your body to match the colour. 

I have used th C6 on my legs too when i need a bit of colour!! Its an all round perfecto product. 

I have to let you know that i wouldnt necessarily use it on my face as a foundation though as it just doesnt give enough coverage - Its quite watery in texture, Perfect colour though (just know what you are going to use it for and make sure you get the colour to match your skin tone) MAC assistants as you probably already know are very helpful so you shouldnt have any issues finding some help.

If you have any questions or comments then just let me know.

Also- Please follow me on here and check out my Youtube Vidoes. I am on Twitter - @Hayleyp01 and facebook - Hayley P

Lots of love

Hayley P xxxx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo BRIT AND BLONDE :)

Good Afternoon and a wonderful Monday to you all

I have 2 new and FAB products to review for you and there will be a video to follow for these.

The first product from the wonderful Batiste is their limited edition BRIT. The most important part is where to buy so here is a link on where to buy this product http://www.batistehair.co.uk/where-to-buy

I usually use the original, and i dont love some of the fragrances of some of the others but i have to say the smell of the BRIT version is just amazing. Everyone who knows my videos and reads my blogs will know that this dry shampoo is my number 1 staple product and i literally always make sure i have some. So to try the new ones just makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :)

Be true to your british heritage and give this go - i promise you will love it.

So now for the other new love of my life - the blonde version. They released the brunette one a while ago and i understand why because if you use the normal ones it can make your brown hair look grey and powdery. For me i use this to make my hair thicker, fuller, more manageable and most importantly to disguise those dreaded roots - and do you know what - IT WORKS :)

This blonde edition is just fab - If used correctly it really helps to lift the hair colour and if you are just looking for a bit of a fill inm whilst we save up for the real thing - it is great for coverage.

So get buying girls because i am sure you will agree that yuo just simply arnt complete without this in your cosmetics bag.

And if i havnt sold this to you already my list of reasons for this must have are:

- Thicker and fuller hair
- More manageable and texturised hair
- Stops greasy holiday hair
- Can leave hair without washing it that little bit longer
- Disguises those roots
- Makes hair appear blonder
- When styling the hair up or curly it helps to hold the style

Have you ordered it yet ? ?

Lots of love Hayley P