Monday, 9 May 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo BRIT AND BLONDE :)

Good Afternoon and a wonderful Monday to you all

I have 2 new and FAB products to review for you and there will be a video to follow for these.

The first product from the wonderful Batiste is their limited edition BRIT. The most important part is where to buy so here is a link on where to buy this product

I usually use the original, and i dont love some of the fragrances of some of the others but i have to say the smell of the BRIT version is just amazing. Everyone who knows my videos and reads my blogs will know that this dry shampoo is my number 1 staple product and i literally always make sure i have some. So to try the new ones just makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :)

Be true to your british heritage and give this go - i promise you will love it.

So now for the other new love of my life - the blonde version. They released the brunette one a while ago and i understand why because if you use the normal ones it can make your brown hair look grey and powdery. For me i use this to make my hair thicker, fuller, more manageable and most importantly to disguise those dreaded roots - and do you know what - IT WORKS :)

This blonde edition is just fab - If used correctly it really helps to lift the hair colour and if you are just looking for a bit of a fill inm whilst we save up for the real thing - it is great for coverage.

So get buying girls because i am sure you will agree that yuo just simply arnt complete without this in your cosmetics bag.

And if i havnt sold this to you already my list of reasons for this must have are:

- Thicker and fuller hair
- More manageable and texturised hair
- Stops greasy holiday hair
- Can leave hair without washing it that little bit longer
- Disguises those roots
- Makes hair appear blonder
- When styling the hair up or curly it helps to hold the style

Have you ordered it yet ? ?

Lots of love Hayley P


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