Thursday, 21 April 2011

Clinique 'Even Better' Foundation

Good Morning and happy Friday to you all

Here in Solihull in England the Sun is shining - Make sure your all protecting your skin with a good sun screen :)

I wanted to write about a foundation i have been using for many years now and i just cant seem to move away from it. I have heard mixed reviews on this product but in my opinion is is NO1 :)

Why? Because i have quite dry skin - depending on the weather and how much central heating i expose my skin too. However the texture and consistancy of this is just perfect for my skin. It leaves your skin looking dewy and you can really play about with it in terms of how much or little you apply.

I have tried a few different colours but i tend to go with No6 Honey. I find that it matches my skin tone - albeit maybe a bit darker but because i wear fake tan i find with a bit of bronzer i can match it up. And even when i dont have any tan on it just gives a bit of colour to my skin.

The only bit of advice i would give when using this is when you are going to apply any powders in terms of blusher or bronxer i would use a transluscent finishing powder in those areas just to stop it going blotchy. Then your make up will be on all day long.

If you go to any Clinique counter they are really helpful and will make sure you get the right colour BUT make sure you tell them if you wear fake tans etc just so that you dont get one that is too pale. ERROR :)

I hope you found this useful my lovelies

Hayley P xxxxx

Friday, 15 April 2011


Good Afternoon to you all :)

So - Batiste - Who uses it? Do you have any pictures where you have seen such a big difference. These are the benfits of Bastiste:

- Dont have to wash your hair as frequently
- Great to 'spritz' and freshen up your hair throughout the day
- For all you blondys out there it brightens up your hair colour
- It adds so much texture to your hair
- Makes your hair easier to style
- Smells great
- Easy to wash out

Is this enough reasons for you - The product comes in all different scents and also they have released one for Brunettes as the normal one tends to make dark hair slightly grey and powdery.

How have you found this product ? Was this Review Useful ?

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Lots of love xxxxx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

All About Elle

Hey lovelies 

I just want to make a special mention to a wonderful fellow blogger Elle :) 

She has followed my videos for a long time and because i have had so much stuff going on with relationships and heart break i havnt been doing much of late and she always sends me messages and reminds me of what is important - And thats what i love doing on here :) 

I am sorry for neglecting :( 

So check out miss Elle and follow her because it does not want to be missed :) Especially next week :) 


Smokey Eyes

Hello gorgeous people 

Here is a make up look for you for those well loved smokey eyes. (I am sorry for the photo - I look like a right weirdo on it) 

The products i used for this look are : 

- MAC Black Paintpot 

- MAC Carbon eyeshadow 

- MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow 

- Kohl black eyeliner

- Eyebrow Shadow 
- Black Mascara 

To achieve this look you should firstly apply a primer to your eyelids : Then apply the Paintpot with a flat small brush to the lid of the eye and just above the crease of your eyelid, then underneath your eye but only a small amount from the inside to the outside. 

Next - Apply the carbon eyeshadow over the paintpot you have just applied, HOW DARK HAS IT GONE OOOHHHH YESSSSSS!!! :) you should bear in mind that you dont have to be overly neat with this at this stage as we will be blending later on :) 

Now, take a nice blending brush and just start smudging the outer-edge of the black above your crease and just slowly in small circular motions start to blend the black so it is not a harsh line. 

Take a fluffy brush and use your blanc type and apply under the brow and meet with the smokey effect you will have created. just take some time blending the colours together. 

Now apply some carbon eyeshadow with a fluffy brush and smoke out the bottom lid - be brave :) from the inside to the outer-edge - Use your Kohl liner on your waterline and apply some mascara and your DONE :) 

If you have any fallout on your cheeks try a fanned brush to gently remove the particles of colour. 

I hope this was useful my lovely make-upistas 

xxxxxxxx Hayley P xxxxxx