Thursday, 14 April 2011

Smokey Eyes

Hello gorgeous people 

Here is a make up look for you for those well loved smokey eyes. (I am sorry for the photo - I look like a right weirdo on it) 

The products i used for this look are : 

- MAC Black Paintpot 

- MAC Carbon eyeshadow 

- MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow 

- Kohl black eyeliner

- Eyebrow Shadow 
- Black Mascara 

To achieve this look you should firstly apply a primer to your eyelids : Then apply the Paintpot with a flat small brush to the lid of the eye and just above the crease of your eyelid, then underneath your eye but only a small amount from the inside to the outside. 

Next - Apply the carbon eyeshadow over the paintpot you have just applied, HOW DARK HAS IT GONE OOOHHHH YESSSSSS!!! :) you should bear in mind that you dont have to be overly neat with this at this stage as we will be blending later on :) 

Now, take a nice blending brush and just start smudging the outer-edge of the black above your crease and just slowly in small circular motions start to blend the black so it is not a harsh line. 

Take a fluffy brush and use your blanc type and apply under the brow and meet with the smokey effect you will have created. just take some time blending the colours together. 

Now apply some carbon eyeshadow with a fluffy brush and smoke out the bottom lid - be brave :) from the inside to the outer-edge - Use your Kohl liner on your waterline and apply some mascara and your DONE :) 

If you have any fallout on your cheeks try a fanned brush to gently remove the particles of colour. 

I hope this was useful my lovely make-upistas 

xxxxxxxx Hayley P xxxxxx


  1. Really nice look hun, can't wait for your vids on YT. Nice to have you back xx

  2. Love this look Hayley:) smokey eyes have never suited me, but you work them really well:)x