Friday, 15 April 2011


Good Afternoon to you all :)

So - Batiste - Who uses it? Do you have any pictures where you have seen such a big difference. These are the benfits of Bastiste:

- Dont have to wash your hair as frequently
- Great to 'spritz' and freshen up your hair throughout the day
- For all you blondys out there it brightens up your hair colour
- It adds so much texture to your hair
- Makes your hair easier to style
- Smells great
- Easy to wash out

Is this enough reasons for you - The product comes in all different scents and also they have released one for Brunettes as the normal one tends to make dark hair slightly grey and powdery.

How have you found this product ? Was this Review Useful ?

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1 comment:

  1. I love the brunette version of Batiste. I only use it on my roots and it makes a big difference if I'm having a blah hair day. Just discovered your blog, have a look at mine if you have a minute, I'm following! :)