Friday, 4 March 2011

Tannage week day 3 ** St Tropez everyday mousse**

Hello Tanning Goddesses,

My 3rd review is going to be on St Tropez Everyday Mousse

This is a lovely product - I have only used it on my face and arms and chest area. It is a gradual tanning mousse but develops quite quickly. I have really sensitive skin on my face and have to be careful what products i put on but this is really gentle and never makes my exzema flair up. Thumbs up ey :)

Its difficult to apply the tanner on your face because if you put make up on everyday it doesnt develop as well as it would if you were to just have this on. On your body though you can really see the true development. Its a more expensive product which retails at around £20.00 in the UK depending on where you get it from. Shop around the net as you will always find a bargain

I would mark this product 4 / 5 for a developing tanning product. Its perfect in every way - however the price can be an offsetter. :-(

I would recommend this if you have sensitive skin and also if you want to treat your face and body to a bit of pampering and expense.

I hope you found this useful gorgeous people

Have a wonderful day and keep up the tannage


Hayley p

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tannage Week Day 2

Hi my lovely tannaholics

Today my review is going to be on Johnsons Holiday Skin

Now this product is amazing if you are not looking for instant results. It is a gradual tan that when applied every day develops and just keeps building up a very natural looking colour. There are different shades in this one as well. And one AMAZING thing about this product is the smell. 

Now we all know that fake tan makes us smell of biscuits - well this product used to years ago but they re-released it about 2 years ago and the smell is sooooo good. Well i love it anyway. Cant stop smelling my own skin when i apply it. 

I have also used it to try and keep a tan that i got from going on holiday - however, when your natural tan starts to wear off it seemed that this product kind of went off with it. Just went kind of patchy and weird which was annoying because i just had to exfoliate to remove the whole lot and then start rimmeling :) 

If i am to mark this product out of 5 i would give it 3.5 - ace if you are patient and just want to build up a tan. 

Go try it girlys 

Lots of love and cuddles 

Hayley P 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ebay Sellathon

Hey Everyone 

Look at me - 2 blogs in one night :) 

I am selling some stuff on ebay so thought i would give you all refusal before they get sold on there:

DKNY Handbag and Purse Set - Brand New- just an un-used present due to sheer volume of handbags i own already  : 

Looking for £80 for the set and that will include postage to anywhere in UK 

Message me for details 

And the other item i am selling is my fancy dress outfit i have worn once - Its a toy soldier outfit and was a real hit at the party. I was worried about it being too 'OTT' but it was prefect - Size fits all apparently - i am a 10-12 and it fitted me perfectly 

It comes with the dress and overcoat and the hat. 
I am looking for £25 including postage to anywhere in UK 

Message me for further details 

Lots of love my lovely shoppers 


Tan Week

Hey my lovelies 

This week is Tannage week :) 

I am going to be blogging about different tans that i use and what i think works and some useful hints and tips for you all. Comments and opinions are all welcome. 

So the first tanning product i am going to talk about is Rimmel instant tan 

Now this product has to be my ultimate fave - for a number of reasons: 
1: It is instant - it is such a nice brown colour and no matter what your skin tone it seems to colour hold really well. The colour when you see it coming out the tube is almost black - dont let this put you off because when you apply it to your skin you can build it up as required. I normally put a couple of thin layers on for my nights out so that it shows up more. There are 2 shades and i normally use the medium which is the darkest shade that they do. 
Hint: For best application results use a mitt, and if you dont have one and up with black/brown/ red hands try using toothpaste to get it off your hands :) It works i promise 

2: It washes off so easily. Get in the shower and seriously it just comes straight off - Use a bit of soap and you will have your lovely clean skin back to normal straight away. 
Hint: Careful when you have it on as with this luxury it has its annoyances which is that if anything water based touches your skin it will leave a water mark on your skin - take some dark bronzer out with you and cover up or even still a light moisturizer and just massage the patch that you need too. 

3: Its Cheap - In the UK it retails at about £5.00 and you get so many wears out of a tube. If you use the mitt you will only use what you need too and the mitts only cost around £2 and they last you so long - Just wash them in water after you have used it and leave to dry and its ready to be used again the next day. 
Hint: Make sure you wash the mitt after you have used it so that it stops any bacteria and also when there is a build of tan on the mitt you will find your tan goes dry and blotchy as soon as you put it on. 

SO if i havnt made you love this already then try it out for yourself, it really is a staple product that i ALWAYS have in my make up bag. 

See you tomorrow for my next tanning shenanigans :) 

Love you allllll 


Hayley P