Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tannage Week Day 2

Hi my lovely tannaholics

Today my review is going to be on Johnsons Holiday Skin

Now this product is amazing if you are not looking for instant results. It is a gradual tan that when applied every day develops and just keeps building up a very natural looking colour. There are different shades in this one as well. And one AMAZING thing about this product is the smell. 

Now we all know that fake tan makes us smell of biscuits - well this product used to years ago but they re-released it about 2 years ago and the smell is sooooo good. Well i love it anyway. Cant stop smelling my own skin when i apply it. 

I have also used it to try and keep a tan that i got from going on holiday - however, when your natural tan starts to wear off it seemed that this product kind of went off with it. Just went kind of patchy and weird which was annoying because i just had to exfoliate to remove the whole lot and then start rimmeling :) 

If i am to mark this product out of 5 i would give it 3.5 - ace if you are patient and just want to build up a tan. 

Go try it girlys 

Lots of love and cuddles 

Hayley P 

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  1. I tried this years ago and your right I did smell like a digestive (ooh fancy one now! lol) Haven't tried it for ages though, I just bought Xen Tan so will try that out x