Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tan Week

Hey my lovelies 

This week is Tannage week :) 

I am going to be blogging about different tans that i use and what i think works and some useful hints and tips for you all. Comments and opinions are all welcome. 

So the first tanning product i am going to talk about is Rimmel instant tan 

Now this product has to be my ultimate fave - for a number of reasons: 
1: It is instant - it is such a nice brown colour and no matter what your skin tone it seems to colour hold really well. The colour when you see it coming out the tube is almost black - dont let this put you off because when you apply it to your skin you can build it up as required. I normally put a couple of thin layers on for my nights out so that it shows up more. There are 2 shades and i normally use the medium which is the darkest shade that they do. 
Hint: For best application results use a mitt, and if you dont have one and up with black/brown/ red hands try using toothpaste to get it off your hands :) It works i promise 

2: It washes off so easily. Get in the shower and seriously it just comes straight off - Use a bit of soap and you will have your lovely clean skin back to normal straight away. 
Hint: Careful when you have it on as with this luxury it has its annoyances which is that if anything water based touches your skin it will leave a water mark on your skin - take some dark bronzer out with you and cover up or even still a light moisturizer and just massage the patch that you need too. 

3: Its Cheap - In the UK it retails at about £5.00 and you get so many wears out of a tube. If you use the mitt you will only use what you need too and the mitts only cost around £2 and they last you so long - Just wash them in water after you have used it and leave to dry and its ready to be used again the next day. 
Hint: Make sure you wash the mitt after you have used it so that it stops any bacteria and also when there is a build of tan on the mitt you will find your tan goes dry and blotchy as soon as you put it on. 

SO if i havnt made you love this already then try it out for yourself, it really is a staple product that i ALWAYS have in my make up bag. 

See you tomorrow for my next tanning shenanigans :) 

Love you allllll 


Hayley P 


  1. Glad your back in the beauty world ! xx

  2. thank you honey - I am backkkkk :) xx Loving your blog by the way - you are doing really well :) We should do a joint blog :) xxx

  3. I'll put a link to your blog on mine if you want hun? I know I've only had it 4 weeks will be 5 weeks tomo. Its amazing! Ull get addicted xx