Monday, 29 November 2010


Hey my gorgeous people,

I hope you are all having an amazing day.

Wanted to speak to you all about singleness :) I am now single and have been through quite a traumatic break up. Arnt break ups so horrible and isnt it so weird how people who are so in love can change each other so much. Like, it really does change who you are and what you stand for.

I have spent the last month crying and now i am smiling. You should always deal with these things in your own way. My way is to cry and cry and cry - I actually think i have cryed an entire ocean :) I didnt know it was coming you see and thought things were good. Its so awful when you think your life is heading in a direction with someone and then BOOM it changes and there is nothing else you can do about it.

Just to try and get a man to love you in the same way that you love them is just so hard. But is it worth the hurt? I am not too sure - I hope i will feel differently one day about love. For now though, i have realised that people say that your friends can never fill the gap that a man does,... well i disagree and the way i think now is that a man can NEVER fill the void that your friends do.

Your friends are probably the most important people in your life- whether you have 1 or a million.. they all are important. So send your friends a message right away to tell them how much you appreciate them because one day... one day you will need them .

Anyway .. i hope you have a fabulous week and i love you all

Big hugs to all the broken hearted girls out there.



  1. I understand this post 32538282% !!!

    When I broke up with my ex it felt like my world was over, everyone told me 'it's going to be ok' & I kept saying 'you don't understand, I'll never feel ok again.' I only had to hear a song I associated with him & it would set me off sobbing. But time is a great healer :]

    Massive fan of your YT/blog, would love if you could follow mine, I'm new to blogging & need all the help I can get!

    Hope you feel ok now xx

  2. Keep ya chin up Hayley P! You're a lovely person inside and out, it's his loss sweetheart. I look forward to your next YT video! xx

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better about the break up, I've never experienced one but I can imagine how difficult it must've been. You are lucky to have great friends, that's something I don't have. They are b*tchy, bullying and always try to bring me down. These are girls I've known since 5 and I'm now 27! Really difficult to meet new friends but I know I need to get out of this group of negative friends. Take care, love your youtube vids xx

  4. Brilliant blog, I'm following!

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  5. Hey hun, it's been a while since your last post. Are you ok? Come back soon! xx