Friday, 23 September 2011

Perfect Eyebrows

Hi Beauties,

I hope you are all fab today :) Friday is here and the weekend is nearly among us all :) yayyyy

So are you fed up of those dreaded eyebrows and want to keep them nice a tidy and even for them to shape your face (Yes this can happen :) )

I wanted to tell you how i keep my eyebrows tidy and in shape. The first thing i am going to recommend you do is go and get your eye brows threaded, Alot of people have them waxed but i am not a big fan - I don't think that you can get the shape as accurate as threading and... well i just prefer threading :)

It can be slightly painful but i promise it is worth it :)

Now for the colour i use on my brows - I use the body shop duo eye brow kit, The colours are great - I have really light eyebrows so only like a little colouring. You can really build up the colour with these as they are a matte powdery consistency so apply as little or  more as you like. The brush that comes with it is fab too - Small and harder bristles make it very accurate.

Keeping up appearances - Between threading you may find a few stray hairs so i have been through my fair share of tweezers and just haven't found any good ones - Until now :) The body shop tweezers are fab with a slanted edge and precision they really do them them suckers out :)

I hope you found this useful and i hope you have a fab u lous weekend

Stay beautiful and let anyone tell you otherwise :0

Lots of Love

Hayley xxxxxxx


  1. Only just starting having my eyebrows threaded and I'm hooked!

  2. Thank you darling for this article! I really needed this tip!! i am thinking to get my eyebrows threaded as well! Thank you lovely article xxx